Liz Bastian ~ Opening Keynote Speaker

~ The Big Fix

~ Community Development

~ Climate Adaptation Officer for Central NSW Councils


Catherine Lockley

~ Community Nutritionist

~ Seed saver


Stephen Alton

~ Soil Evangelist

~ Organic Gardener


Jon Moore

~ No dig gardens

~ Animal tractors


Bernadette Ryan ~ Earthworm Husbandry

Dan Hatfield

~ Compost King

~ Healthy Harvest


Margaret Jakovac

~ Chickens in the Backyard/nutrient cycling

~ Permaculture Practitioner



Kate Willoughby ~ Chickens in the Backyard/nutrient cycling


Meg McGowan ~ Permaculture Backyard

Rich Bowden

~ Writer

~ Podcaster

~ Specialising in working with small community organisations and business.