S2 E5 How Can I Use A Worm Farm In My Backyard?

Worm Farms Require:

  • A contained space 
  • Specific species
  • Not your garden worms

How Can They Be Used?

  • Vermicompost is different from hot compost
  • Worm castings
  • Place it on top of the garden bed
  • What goes in determines what comes out
    • Shredded paper ~ not bad
    • Cardboard ~ not bad
    • Coffee grounds ~ Pretty good
    • Garden waste ~ perfect
    • Kitchen scraps ~ perfect


Is there anything that shouldn’t go in a worm farm?

  • Technically no, but avoid
    • Citrus
    • Meat
    • Bones


2.3 What are the easiest herbs to grow?


R: Hello folks and welcome to episode 3  of season 2 of RegenEarth! This is the podcast of the RegenEarth online conferences. Hello Jon and welcome to the show!

J: Hello one and all.

R: Ok, Jon. We’ve dealt with backyard veggies in our two previous shows. This week the question is: What are the easiest herbs to grow? Care to have a go at this one?

J: The key, I think, is to look at your eating habits. What herbs are you using now? 

R: So, a sort of import replacement for the household. Read More